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FACEBOOK UPDATE: Users can now see how you are targeting them!

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2019


If you upload your supporter data to create custom audiences it is now something that can be seen by your target audience. This change is part of Facebook’s efforts to shed more light on how user’s data is used by advertisers.

When a Facebook user sees an ad from your charity and they click on the “why am I seeing this” option in the menu they can currently see things like “xxx charity wants to reach people aged between 25 and older who live in the United Kingdom”.

When the new changes are introduced the user will be told why the advertiser is targeting them but also who has uploaded their data. This point is important for charities who use an agency to buy their Facebook ads and may also use them to build custom audiences.

Here’s an example of what it will look like.


If you’re not uploading data in order to create custom audiences then this shouldn’t be an issue for you. If you are then you will need to be...

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How to Attract Thousands of New Donors on Facebook - The Blueprint for You to SCALE Facebook Ads for your Nonprofit

facebook ads blueprint Nov 29, 2018
Our method of Acquiring New Supporters Consistently Using Facebook Ads
  • The #1 mistake charities are making with Facebook that is stopping them getting success
  •  How you can radically increase the effectiveness of your content on Facebook while at the same time saving time and budget
  •  The 3 KEY audiences on Facebook that should be your focus.
  •  The most important secret to reach more donors at consistent CPAs

Click here to go to the download page.

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How To Acquire New Donors from Facebook Ads With a Simple 2 Step Funnel

free training training Nov 29, 2018

A Masterclass to help you Scale Supporter Acquisition using Facebook Ads

What You Will Learn On This Free Masterclass:
  • The #1 mistake charities are making with Facebook Ads that are stopping them getting success
  •  How to radically increase the effectiveness of your creative on Facebook
  •  The MOST important secret that we’ve discovered to help you get better performance from your Facebook campaigns
  •  A new method not many charities are using for unlocking new audiences on Facebook 
  •  The KEY PROCESS we use with our clients that will lower your Cost per Lead (CPL) and Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

For more information, click here.

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19 Tips to Maximise your Facebook Ads for Giving Tuesday


 With Giving Tuesday upon us, we have jotted down 19 top tips in easy-to-print format to make sure your Facebook Ads work hard for you! These are based from working with over 60 charity clients on our Digital Fundraising Mastermind

#1 - Don’t Use Your Personal Profile Ad Account, Make Sure You’re Using Business Manager

If you haven’t already, create a business manager account for your organisation. The main reason to do this is if you are running ads from a personal account and Facebook shut down your account (which happens!) then you will still be able to run ads. This will centralise access to your advertising accounts and Facebook pages. It will also separate your employees personal Facebook profiles from what they do for your organisation. There is no longer any need to have a separate Facebook profile for work. You can set permissions for your employees to access your ad account and pages and maintain important business information such as payment...

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How to put some serious juice behind your Facebook Donate posts

facebook donate Jul 05, 2018

In this short 6 minute video Nick takes you through how to super charge an organic Facebook page post that has the Facebook Donate button appended.

Top tip: Facebook Donate is great for short term cash, but isn't really the best strategic play on Facebook right now. If you want to have a Digital Fundraising Strategy Session with Nick, you can see if you qualify for one here.


Thank you so much to our client Safe Haven for Donkeys for letting us share this video with the charity sector.

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