ActionAid Ireland share 9 reasons the RAISETHRU 12 week programme was right for them

Dec 06, 2019

ActionAid Ireland joined the RAISETHRU 12 week programme in 2019. They’d previously run Facebook campaigns which were successful in building engagements with posts, but not with acquiring new leads for regular donors and cash givers. They asked for RAISETHRU’s help with their 2019 summer campaign, which aimed to acquire leads through petitions. Here, Lady Nina Jerez, Digital Campaigns Executive at ActionAid Ireland, shares 9 reasons why she’s pleased they joined the programme.

  1. RAISETHRU gave us structure when they helped us plan our campaign. Together, we looked at the strategy behind the campaign and how we planned to generate leads. 
  2. We received twice-weekly support whilst developing the strategy and executing the campaign, including direct tactical support where needed. It was really nice to have that support from Chris. He’s always available, so we’re really happy with that.
  3. We learned a lot about the technical side of running Facebook ads, about the creative, and about the planning and lead time needed. 
  4. The peer network is what makes RAISETHRU different. I think it’s good to have everyone’s different perspectives and get good feedback, and an idea of other charities’ KPIs as a benchmark.  But I really like that I could go back to Chris and get his thoughts, because he’s the one with the experience in the field.
  5. The direct feedback on copy writing is so helpful. I always check copy with Imogen from RAISETHRU, it really makes a difference. 
  6. We’ve got loads of leads! We received 9,700 petition signatures (excluding duplicates), most of them email-able for further appeals with a cost per lead of €0.94.
  7.  We exceeded our targets. In the first phase of our campaign, we acquired twice the target of donors projected on regular donors and 110% of the target on once-off donations. The ROI from these donors is projected at 82% within Year 1 and 269% within 5 years, allowing for attrition and tax-back.
  8. We’re set up for the future. Our 5-year income is projected at €35,160 (our budget was €33,000), so we’re really happy.
  9. We’re applying what we’ve learnt to our second campaign, with the theme of stopping harassment at work. By applying the same model we’re feeling confident we’ll get good results. 



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