FACEBOOK UPDATE: Users can now see how you are targeting them!

Feb 13, 2019


If you upload your supporter data to create custom audiences it is now something that can be seen by your target audience. This change is part of Facebook’s efforts to shed more light on how user’s data is used by advertisers.

When a Facebook user sees an ad from your charity and they click on the “why am I seeing this” option in the menu they can currently see things like “xxx charity wants to reach people aged between 25 and older who live in the United Kingdom”.

When the new changes are introduced the user will be told why the advertiser is targeting them but also who has uploaded their data. This point is important for charities who use an agency to buy their Facebook ads and may also use them to build custom audiences.

Here’s an example of what it will look like.


If you’re not uploading data in order to create custom audiences then this shouldn’t be an issue for you. If you are then you will need to be doubly sure that you have permission to do this.

RAISETHRU have been advising clients on our Accelerator programme to use pixel based audiences for some time now for three reasons:

1: Pixel based audiences are dynamic and therefore you won’t need to update them regularly.

2: There is far less risk with pixel based audiences when it comes to permissions.

3: Match rates will be much higher with a pixel audience than an email list.


Are you using data uploads for your custom audiences?

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