Compassion in World Farming talk to RAISETHRU about their experience on the 12 week programme

Jan 20, 2020

Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) joined the RAISETHRU 12 week programme in 2019. Their campaign, to ban the use of cages in the UK, is still running.

Here, Jennifer Balloch, Supporter Movement Manager at CIWF, talks to us about the success of their campaign sofar and how they’ve found the programme.

So you’re three months into your campaign, how are the results looking?

Our cost per leads are looking good. We started at 26p for an opt-in, a fantastic rate, and the average is £1.73.

We’re converting at a rate of 3.35% - this is just the people who donate straight away, so it doesn’t include people who convert later on through another source. 

The average gift from those who convert is £4.15/month. We’ve got 70,000 leads and 2,328 donors (and counting!).

Amazing. And how have you found being part of the RAISETHRU programme?

It’s definitely given me more insight into how to run a successful campaign. Previously we just dipped our toes into Facebook advertising, but didn’t spend huge amounts and we weren’t hugely ambitious.

The programme has given myself and my colleagues more confidence, and we’ve diverted more budget to social media lead gen than previously, because we’re seeing a better conversion and ROI.

Having a forum where, if you’re live with a campaign, you can jump in and ask questions - it’s great. It’s not just a webinar with no face.

You can bounce ideas around to think outside the box, and it’s so helpful to speak to people who are completely new to our ideas, to see if they make any sense! The group environment really works, it’s so helpful.

What were the biggest challenges you had to overcome?

Trying to launch around Christmas was difficult, and with everyone’s workloads and timescales, we had to wait until January.

It was also challenging getting buy-in from our agency to use RAISETHRU’s approach, but Chris gave us some pointers to convince them and they came around. They’ve since said that these are the best results they’ve ever seen.

Would you recommend the programme to other charities?

Yes definitely, I’ve already spoken to other charities about it, I’d definitely recommend it if you want to gain more confidence, insight, skills, answers to questions and feedback.

Having the videos, which are set out well, and then the group forum on Slack, makes it unique - it’s a really good programme.

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