What is it like to work with us and what results do we get for our charity clients?

We're super proud of the amazing clients we get to work with.
Understandably many 'not-yet' clients we speak to want to contact our existing clients to get an idea of what it's like to work with us. Please understand we speak to many new organisations every month and so we can't connect everyone with our clients as all they would be doing with their valuable time is having meetings with our potential clients!

We would ask you to respect our clients' privacy and if you are accepted to become one of our private clients you can expect we will protect your time fiercely too.

However, we do understand new clients may need to do due diligence and we hope this page will give you the evidence you need. We have tried to focus on real proof (e.g. actual videos and screen shots of what our clients have been saying about us). Please scroll down to see video interviews, examples of results and testimonials.

We will continue to update this page throughout 2019.


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"Not only have I learned new skills on the Mastermind I have also been able to convince leadership to invest more. I really love the implementation calls with other organisations."

Emily Martin
Digital Advertising Manager, International Rescue Committee

"RAISETHRU helped me structure my campaign step by step from the very early stages. Being brand new to FB advertising, they helped me understand how the whole process works, how the campaign should be structured and set up in FB Manager and, once the campaign was up and running, they showed me how to optimize and scale it up. So basically they lead me through the entire process from day one and provided precious support during every phase –and they still are!"

Sarah Bulli
Compassion in World Farming, Italy

"We are only getting started with social media fundraising at WWF Switzerland. Raisethru helped me get off to a great start. The first campaign we did was already a huge success."

Leata Kollaart
Project Management Youth & Public Marketing at WWF Switzerland

"While Facebook organic traffic is on the declined the opportunities for Facebook advertising are immense for lead generation and donor acquisition. Having taken part in the RaiseThru programme and worked with Nick Burne I found it super helpful in particular the practical nature of it, learning how to optimise campaigns as well as the regular interaction with digital fundraisers from other charities."

Marco Kuntze
Strategic Digital Specialist at UNICEF International

"I think you will be able to clearly see the impact. The RAISETHRU guys are very practical and results driven. At IRC we have already started to put in place some of the recommended actions and results are forthcoming. The program will take you on a step by step journey- of course each organization needs to be very active and find ways to implement the recommendations. One thing we quickly realized at IRC thanks to the program was that we were spreading ourselves across too many ad sets."

Suzzanne Ambrogetti
Director Global Opportunities - UK at International Rescue Committee

"If you want to win in the digital race you must be ahead of the pack. Alone I can't keep up. So I need advice that is at the absolute cutting edge of technology, delivered in a no-nonsense understandable way. Nick consistently delivers just that and I consider him one of the best advisors I have ever consulted in digital marketing."

Ola Wiig-Hanssen
Fundraising Manager at UNICEF Norway

"I'm currently completing a masterclass with RaiseThru and I can't recommend it enough. I work for Greenpeace and although we have a large and fairly developed Facebook programme, suggestions from RaiseThru have really started to transform our programme and take it to the next level. The individual training calls and chance to ask questions in the group weekly session means the training is very much pitched to the level of guidance you need. Getting the general know how and support means we could try new things out quicker and has given us enough confidence to take the programme increasingly in-house. For us we had fairly good content already (although their content hack session was great) so the big benefit was on support and suggestions to set up complex re-targeting ads funnel. On some of these Facebook Direct Debit ads we are receiving Direct Debit donations at a cost per acquisition of £40 and we are further increasing the percent of new regular donors that are recruited and converted solely online."

Danielle Adam
Paid social media lead at Greenpeace UK

"An awesome programme, lots to learn from some brilliant digital fundraisers and the RAISETHRU team go the extra mile to make sure the programme works for each and every participant. Highly recommended"

Tim Jenner
Head of Digital Fundraising, International Rescue Committee

"We have put a number of staff through RaiseThru and I would say, you will definitely see the results if you put in the effort. Nick and Chris really understand the platform and how to get the most out of it- We definitely recommend it."

Joanna Souza
Global Marketing, Campaigns at UNICEF

Emily, International Rescue Committee


Alex & Kalyn, Save the Children USA


Danni, Greenpeace UK


Joanna, UNICEF International


Suzanne, IRC Global


Wendy, Safe Haven for Donkeys


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Grab a quick chat with Chris about how we help our charity clients scale Facebook Ads and how you can too. Book directly into Chris' calendar by clicking on the button below.


We work with multiple clients on micro-commitment "funnels" (usually, but not always petitions or 'handraisers'), generating high converting leads at a low CPL. Below are a few example results of client's successful test campaigns. You can see the low Cost per Lead as well as reasonable immediate conversion on Facebook (before email and tele-marketing call back)

Non-emergency Donor Acquisition

Below is a very small animal charity client who used adoptions to generate a 3:1 return from new (cold) audiences

Below is an example of a client's virtual gift catalogue campaign that generated nearly $1m in revenue and a 2:1 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

Have a chat with us

Grab a quick chat with Chris about how we help our charity clients scale Facebook Ads and how you can too. Book directly into Chris' calendar by clicking on the button below.


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