What is it like to work with us and what results do we get for our charity clients?

Many 'not-yet' clients want to contact our existing clients to get an idea of what it's like to work with us.
Please understand we speak to dozens of new organisations every month and so we can't connect everyone with our clients as all they would be doing with their valuable time is having meetings with our potential clients!

We would ask you to respect our clients' privacy and if you are accepted to become one of our private clients you can expect we will protect your time fiercely.

However, we understand new clients may need to do due diligence and we hope this page will give you the evidence you need. We have tried to focus on real proof (e.g. actual videos and screen shots of what our clients have been saying about us)

We will update this page with more video interviews throughout 2018.

Emily, International Rescue Committee


Alex & Kalyn, Save the Children USA


Danni, Greenpeace UK


Joanna, UNICEF International


Suzanne, IRC Global


Lead Generation

We work with multiple clients on a petition funnel, generating high converting leads at a low CPL. Here are a few example results of client's successful first test campaigns.

Targetted donor acquistion

We work with large and small charity clients to create highly targeted individual giving campaigns that have creative/audience fit and generate breakthrough results. Here are some results from our smaller charity clients.


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